Windows 7






Get Windows 7 support now!

Get the best Windows Operating System yet - Windows 7!

Windows 7 starts up and shuts down faster than ever and provides backwards compatibility for programs in Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. You can set up dual-screen mode with Internet browsing, share files easier, preview pages quickly, search faster, and experience rich graphics.

If you have Windows 7 or are upgrading to Windows 7, please first make sure your computer meets the minimum or optimal requirements:

Windows 7 System Requirements:

Part Minimum Optimal
Memory: 1 GB RAM 4 GB RAM
Video: SVGA (800x600) 128 MB Video Card
Hard Drive: 40 GB 120 GB
Hard Drive Free Space: 16 GB 20 GB
Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive DVD-ROM drive

There are 4 versions of Windows 7:

Windows 7 Versions:

Version Key Benefits
Starter: Available only for netbooks
Home Premium: Most Affordable->Improved Desktop Navigation & Home file sharing
Professional: Connect to Company Networks, run Windows XP programs, Back up files to a network.
Ultimate: Protect data loss or theft, switch between 35 different languages, plus has the same features as the Professional version.